Instantly unstake your ZIL

Through this website you are able to unstake your ZIL instantly without the usual 14-day waiting period. This feature comes with a small fee, which flows back to the ecosystem by reinvesting it for the growth of the Zilliqa protocol.

This is the only official instant unstaking website for the Zilliqa ecosystem. You can verify through the pool below and by going to Zilliqa's official website and clicking on Torch Wallet's button on top.

Instant Unstaking

Unstake now

And get instant access to your staked ZIL

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Wallet inside the Zilliqa ecosystem

Start using Torch wallet to get the best experience on Zilliqa
Instant Unstaking
Auto staking (highest yield available)
Reinvest commission to grow the Zilliqa ecosystem
Secret question added security
Market order swapping
Limit order swapping
Support all SSNs
Support most ZRC2 tokens
Last app update
1 month
2 years
1 month
Unlock the future with Torch - Zilliqa's most advanced wallet. Dive into autostaking, market orders, instant unstaking, and full control with our user-centric, non-custodial solution. Embrace innovation with upcoming EVM compatibility. No turning back, just forward.
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How it works

You can instantly unstake your ZILs by following the 4 simple steps below
Step 1: Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet

Step 2: Approve

Claim rewards & approve instant unstaking

Step 3: Unstake now

Click on unstake now

Step 3: Receive your ZILs instantly

Receive your ZILs instantly

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Torch app
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Instant Unstaking
Level 0 Reputation
0% fee discount
Level 1 Reputation
12% fee discount
Level 2 Reputation
18% fee discount
Level 3 Reputation
24% fee discount
Level 4 Reputation
30% fee discount
Level 5 Reputation
40% fee discount
Level 6 Reputation
50% fee discount
Level 7 Reputation
60% fee discount
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Torch is the most advanced wallet for the Zilliqa ecosystem

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